You Have Got to Check This Out! – The Green LaunchPad Hackerspace

A very cool hacker in California said about his local hackerspace – “It’s not a bar, it’s not my house and it’s not my job, it’s a place where I can hang with friends and do what I like to do!”  That is just what we feel about The Ranch, the Green LaunchPad Hackerspace.

Have you wanted to try and start your own business in the environmental or “green” industry, but you………

  • Have no idea how to start a business;
  • You cannot afford to quit your job and start a business;
  • You know how expensive it is to rent your own business space;
  • You will need to buy so much equipment and you cannot afford that;
  • You’re scared!
  • You have some great ideas, but you need some other mentoring and assistance, or;
  • Whatever other excuse you can think of!!!

The Ranch can be your solution.  We are doing something truly unique.  We are making it almost too easy to take a shot at a green business by eliminating all of the risks described above that you might have!  How cool is that?  You can either come with your own plans or ideas, or we already have “a bunch” of them that we are actively looking for Apprentice Ranch Ecolonomic Partners – AWE Partners!

You can have a place to call your own where you can come most hours of the day or night and tinker, invent, build, dream, strategize and plan.  We are all about making the planet a better place, and we want to give you the tools and place to do so.

Have you always wanted to grow fish to eat?  How about growing greens and vegetables inside to feed your neighborhood?  What about culturing mushrooms or worms?  Do you want to invent the next system to feed the hungry in Africa?  Do you want to have a kiln you can fire pots for yourself?  Oh, maybe you want to build a livestock shelter from pallets, or a solar water heater for a remote water tank? Maybe you want to learn to weave, or sculpt, or paint, or sew. How about repair your bike? Build a remote control submarine to help you while fishing?  I know you have other dreams and ideas. The Ranch is an affordable place you can do any or all of these things with a tribe you will come to love and trust.

Unlike other Maker or Hackerspaces, we are not looking for tinkerers or hobbyists.  We want aspiring entrepreneurs, wantapreneurs, or ecopreneurs.  You get the picture!! For much less cost than you can imagine you can have almost around the clock access to space. You can have secure storage space and access to tools and equipment that you could probably never have at home.  You can start and run a small business with your own phone line and even access to a receptionist. You can even possibly get funding and business planning assistance.  How cool would that be?

But here is the most important feature of The Ranch.  You get to hang around and work with an amazing tribe of like-minded people.  You also will be able to be mentored by world leaders in many aspects of sustainable and green technology.  Where else can you get this?  Nowhere!!

What if you want to learn how to do water quality analyses for your home aquaponics system?  Maybe you want to know how to build a solids separation system?  Maybe you want to learn to Faux paint, or weld, or run a drill press. We offer numerous classes, workshops and programs that will get you all the knowledge you will need to be a successful ecopreneur. Just tell us your contact information below and we will get back to you.  If you are ready you can even obtain your AWE Partnership today and be hanging with friends at The Ranch tonight!